Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Skincare Products!

so the other day i went to boots and superdrug and as you can see i went a little mental (the mentos gum is completely irrelevant, i dont know why it is in the photo)

any way i though i would list the products i bought and would tell you of my favorites,
so from left to right i bought

superdrug deep action nose strips
MUA Pro-base makeup setting spray
Tea Tree foaming face wash
Simple oil balancing facial scrub 
Simple oil balancing moisturizer
Tea tree spot stick (day and night combo)
Simple soothing facial toner 
                                                                                    Derma V10 rescue oil

  so to start of with the nose strips: I've loved nose strips for ages, they really open up pores and allow you to cleanse properly.
i love the MUA setting spray it definatley sets your makeup and helps to keep it on for longer, if only for an hour or so longer. 
The tea tree foaming face wash is lovely to use after you have reduced oil it really soothes your skin.
I thoroughly enjoyed both products from the simple oil balancing range they seem to reduce oil levels and shine in the skin!
I haven't really used the spot stick yet as i haven't had any breakouts so cant really say much but i have liked what ive used!
The simple toner is really nice and thin on your skin, ive liked this product a lot!
And last but not least, Derma V10 rescue oil, now this product has been named as a really good dupe for Bio Oil and i have been wanting to try it for a long time! i eventually found it! in poundland may i say, very impressed! anyway i haven't seen any effects from this product yet but i have only been using a few days so wouldn't really expect any!

i hope you enjoyed this, kind of review!
love your teenage beauty lover 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hi! My name is Em and welcome to my blog!

ive come to a point where i have decided i want to share things i do with the world! although i do have a love for beauty as the title of my blog suggests my real passion is dance! ive been dancing since i was nearly three years old and love it so much!

alongside dance i love beauty! makeup, hair products and fashion are major influences on my life and i love to create new looks so i thought i would start to share how i get these! 

anyway i hope you enjoy reading my blog! love your teenage beauty lover,